About Regina Family Center

The Regina Family Center is a private limited company, founded by a group of mothers inspired by the work of Regina, a German midwife in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Even though, we all come from different professional backgro
unds, we have one common goal and way of seeing the world. We are dedicated to provide health care for families in Ethiopia and increase their knowledge about natural and safe birth, breastfeeding and raising happy and healthy children.

The Regina Family Center offers a family atmosphere where children and parents feel at home and enjoy a free, creative environment as much as the beautiful greenery and play- ground in the capital city, Addis Ababa.



We provide the first, unique *Waldorf-inspired Daycare blended with Ethiopian culture.

In its warm and relaxing setting, the daycare offers children ways to explore and meet with their inborn gifts through making crafts, discovering and protecting nature, and eventually to find their rightful places in the world.

We focus on the dignity of children by providing them an environment of love and security, giving them space to develop their creativity and individuality.

*Waldorf (Steiner) education is a humanistic approach to pedagogy based on the educational philosophy of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy.

Our location

The Regina Family Center Waldorf- inspired Daycare encourages daily outdoor free play. The 5000 m2 compound in Addisu Gebeya, allows for various activities, like tree-climbing, gardening and horse riding under supervision.





For directions in Amharic call Lalise: 09- 11 01 29 85.
For directions in English call or Heran: 09- 10 34 82 49.

Take the Gojam road from the Giorgis church in Piassa passing the Italian Cultural Center towards Addisu Gebeya. The roundabout that follows leads to the ring road towards to Gullele Botanical Garden and Old Airport. However, go straight unto the street with Tsion Café on the left hand side.

Turn right, opposite the Tsion Café onto a rocky road in between Fraol Hotel and Express Hotel. Keep going straight, pass the Brooklyn Hotel and continue under a black and white painted pole, until you reach a big black gate straight ahead.

Check AddisMaps for a map or check Google Maps